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JobKeeper – Waiting on Release of Further Details

No doubt you have questions around the JobKeeper payment and how this works

As you probably are aware the Bill has been passed but as yet we do not have any further details. 

We believe this information will be released shortly and as soon as we know more can let you know.

In the meantime, we encourage you to register your intention to apply for JobKeeper at if your business has, or expect it will, experience a drop in turnover.

We can assist with the practicalities of claiming and submitting payment to your employees once the details are released.

There appears to be three areas of work being:

  1. Are my employees eligible?
  2. Has my business experienced a 30% decline in turnover?
  3. What reporting is needed ongoing to receive this payment?

Again, we will let you know what is required when we know more.

Have an enjoyable week ahead and one of our team will be in touch with further details as they come to hand.

Got any questions? Just contact Notch Above Bookkeeping for further clarification on the new subsidy on 07 3355 6427.

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