How Notch Above helps your accounting firm and your clients

What we can do for you and your firm

Notch Above Bookkeeping helps accountants in public practice to create capacity and focus on higher-value work whilst still positioning them as the relationship holders (project managers) with their bookkeeping clients.

By doing this we enhance accountants’ service capabilities using the cloud and supply accurate, collaborative financial data on which accountants can consult and provide value-added services:

  • Providing fully reconciled, accurate and timely Xero files ready for a strategy session with you as the accountant.
  • Documentation attached to transactions reducing the amount of queries for your clients, enabling time savings and increasing the turnaround time on the job
  • A complete year-end pack available with bank statements, finance documents and a fully reconciled balance sheet enabling a speedy turnaround on compliance which enables accountants to focus on advisory work and have value added conversations.

Why choose Notch Above?

The Notch Above difference:

  • We offer fixed fees quoted upfront
  • We approach bookkeeping from an accounting skillset perspective, delivering quality in line with accountants’ expectations
  • Our systems and processes mean we’re able to handle your multiple bookkeeping clients with limited or no disruption to your client service continuity
  • Strong focus at onboarding bookkeeping clients efficiently and getting them to effectively use cloud applications
  • All our team are Xero Certified and Notch Above are Xero Platinum Partners.

How we work with you

Notch Above Bookkeeping offers flexibility in how we invoice and position our bookkeeping services (in relation to your firm) to help you and your clients achieve what you set out to do. Our objective is to always support you and your firm so you can have confidence in our numbers, therefore freeing you up to concentrate on adding value and building better client relationships.


“We have been using Notch Above Bookkeeping for over a year after we decided to outsource our clients’ bookkeeping to a specialist dedicated Xero cloud bookkeeping provider who is accessible on local time. We have peace of mind knowing that our clients’ financial data is safe and managed securely. We still attend to compliance obligations, but Notch Above Bookkeeping manages the day to day matters with our individual clients and keeps us in the loop. Notch Above’s Xero experience is a major factor as to why we changed because we are also a Xero firm – we know we’re receiving high quality expertise because Notch Above are Xero Platinum Partners and are at the leading edge of cloud bookkeeping best practice.”

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