Jac Gallagher (Notch Above Bookkeeping) and Mark Creedon (Red Monkey Coaching) get together to chat about simple things you can do in your business to bring about positive change. Watch the full series on the Notch Above YouTube channel.

Video # 1 Cashflow Follows the Calendar

Jac and Mark chat about the importance of scheduling into your calendar the tasks that have the biggest impact on your cashflow.

Video # 2 Defining Business Success

Jac and Mark chat about chunking down financial goals then sharing those with your bookkeeper so they can help you track your progress.

Video # 3 Improving Your Bottom Line

Jac and Mark chat about the best ways to improve the profitability of your business.

Video # 4 The Lifetime Value of a Customer

Jac and Mark chat about measuring the lifetime value of a customer and the importance of building relationships with your clients.

Video # 5 Paying Cash Bonuses to Employees

Jac and Mark chat about the the hidden costs of paying cash bonuses to your staff.

Video # 6 Communicating With Your Bookkeeper

Jac and Mark chat about how proactive communication with your bookkeeper benefits your business.

Video # 7 How to Choose a Bookkeeper

Jac and Mark chat about about how to choose a bookkeeper and gauging how much value they will bring to your business .

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