Learn Xero quickly with the Xero Quick Tips Series. Jac has been busy putting together a series of short videos to help small business owners use Xero for bookkeeping. Watch the whole series week by week and learn how to save time, save money and get more from your financial reports using Xero Accounting.

Easily capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc

With Hubdoc and Xero, manual tasks like document collection and data entry are automated, making bank reconciliation and financial document management a breeze. We outline 2 easy ways to do that in this instructional video.

Xero Quick Tips Series 2: Security

Xero Tips 204: Changing your password in Xero

Changing your password in Xero is a simple but necessary process to optimise the security of your financial data. Jac Gallagher shows you how in this video.

Xero Tips 203: Bank Account Security in Xero

Xero’s sophisticated security features give you confidence. In this video Jac Gallagher demonstrates the alerts triggered if the bank account for a supplier or staff member is changed.

Xero Tips 202: Log in history in Xero

Xero’s sophisticated reporting tracks the login history so you can verify every time your Xero account was accessed. In this quick video Jac Gallagher shows how to access data displaying the date, time, location and IP address of every login.

Invoicing 201: Two-Step Authentification

When logging into Xero the two-step authentication adds an extra layer of security for your Xero account. Xero Certified Bookkeeper and trainer Jac Gallagher demonstrates how the two step authentication works with the Xero App.

Xero Quick Tips Series 1: Invoicing

Invoicing 104: Invoicing Multiple Customers

Are you invoicing a group of customers for the same thing? Have you just released a new product that everyone’s trying; are you ticketing an event; or billing customers their monthly subscription service? Xero’s powerful invoicing functions allow you to quickly and easily group your customers and issue the same invoice to some (or all) of them.

Invoicing 103: How to tell if a customer has opened their invoice

Having problems managing your debtors? Here is a quick way to see if a customer has opened and viewed the last Xero invoice you emailed.

Invoicing 102: Copying Invoices in Xero

Learn how to copy invoices from one customer to another customer purchasing the same products or services using Xero Accounting. This is useful when you have customers on the same monthly subscription billing or for special product releases.

Invoicing 101: Setting up Repeating Invoices in Xero

Learn how to set up repeating invoices using Xero Accounting with Jac Gallagher. A repeating invoice is for customers that you charge the same amount every week or month. Once you create a repeating invoice in Xero the customer is automatically billed.


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