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Online bookkeeping change saves time… and trees

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Notch Above Bookkeeping client, Federal Audio, is the Australian distributor for ADAM Audio professional monitors, supplying tools for the discerning audio craftsman.

Based in Brisbane since 2010, they supply studio monitoring solutions, headphones, racks, modules, microphones and cables to many of the industry’s renowned recording studios, audio engineers and producers.

When we first started keeping the books for owner Cris Stevens, he was diligently printing and posting his paperwork to us each quarter which took an inordinate amount of time and wasn’t doing the trees any favours either!

Cris tells his customers that if their audio monitoring is compromised in any way, that information can be unreliable. The same message rings true for business. As Federal Audio runs an online business powered by Shopify, it made sense to consider the online options when it came to the business’ bookkeeping not only to streamline the process but to provide accurate data to assist decision making.

Accordingly, we introduced Cris to ‘cloud bookkeeping’ and helped him to implement an electronic submission method so that, as invoices came in, he could forward those to us and use an app to submit sundry spend receipts as they happened.

Rather than Cris’ bookkeeping being a quarterly affair, it is now processed more regularly, which saves time each quarter plus provides him with real-time reporting if needed for business decision making.

Apart from saving reams of paper, Cris has also experienced the time saving of not having to block his time out each quarter to prepare the paperwork for us.

“I did actually print my paperwork for one final quarter before fully changing over, just to double-check that everything was running smoothly,” Cris admits.

“The team at Notch Above handles any queries we have and I’m very comfortable with the new set up, so I won’t be printing out any hardcopy bookkeeping paperwork anymore.”

Federal Audio believes the choice of monitoring is the most important pro audio decisions you’ll make. Read more or purchase equipment from their website at https://federalaudio.com.au/.

To find out more about how Notch Above Bookkeeping can help your professional business, call us on 1300 015 130 or peruse all our bookkeeping service packages at https://notchabove.com.au/services/packages/.

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