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Any dutiful tradie knows that the last place they want to be is sitting behind a desk! And that goes for Notch Above client and property fixit guru Keith Mulhall at KEM Carpentry and Building Services in Sydney.

When Keith first came to us he was, like many small business owners, invoicing his customers using a Word document.

Keith could never be certain who owed him what and he is the first to admit that using the ‘Word invoicing system’ didn’t lend itself to properly collecting payments, so he often lost track (and hard-earned money). It is a word processing system after all.

On top of that, business expenses may have been missed and therefore underclaimed at tax time due to Keith paying for work costs from separate accounts and not recording each one correctly.

Keith is not unique and the team at Notch Above soon saw the familiar flaws in his set up. Once he bought his bookkeeping across to us, the first thing we did was introduce him to Xero and got him onto a Xero file.

The benefits of doing so were immediate.

Real-time bank feeds could be seen in the business Xero file online so all income and expenses were accounted for.

Keith could raise invoices as each job was done so cash started coming into his business much quicker than the old paper-and-payment way whenever he got around to it.

Keith now reconciles every two or three days so, at any given time, he knows exactly who owes him what.

And, as Keith’s offsite bookkeeping team, Notch Above provides peace of mind with financial support so he can get on with doing his small building repairs and keeping his property management customers happy.

“When I started my business, bookkeeping was my biggest worry,” admits Keith.

“Bookkeeping used to terrify me but now I can focus on my day to day work because Notch Above makes sure that things are correct and they are only a call or email away.”

To maintain your residential or commercial property with professional care and upkeep in Eastern Sydney, call Keith on 0415 442 959 or email him at

To find out more about how Notch Above Bookkeeping can help your trade services business, call us on 1300 015 130 or check out all our bookkeeping packages at

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