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Your wellbeing in 2021

Bringing physical and mental wellbeing into focus allows for a happier, more considered lifestyle.

Some are labelling 2020 as the ‘great pause’ because it has given us more time with family, less time at the workplace, and more time to relax.

And while it has certainly been a stressful and challenging period for many, others (with the means to do so) have come to appreciate a slower, simpler lifestyle.

This slowdown has highlighted just how beneficial it is to take care of our own wellbeing in times of stress. As your customers focus inwards and make more time for loved ones in response, it’s a chance for you to think about how they want to live their lives, and how your business can help.

Helping your customers to take care of themselves

Many customers are now aspiring to be physically fitter, healthier, and want to take better care of their emotional wellbeing. If you’re providing fitness and wellbeing services, or can partner with someone who does, you might boost sales and reach new customer niches.

Looking out for what’s happening outside

As a local business owner, you may notice an uptick in foot traffic as customers change their daily habits and opt for a more leisurely routine. Outdoor boot camps and exercise classes have become more visible, as small business owners in the fitness sector adapt to the trend.

As more of your customers slow down to boost their health and wellbeing, the opportunity is there for small businesses to motivate, inspire and encourage them. Promoting the positive health benefits of your products and services, and raising the feel-good factor, will help your business adjust to your customers’ new health-conscious needs.

Consider your customer

Can you capture the imagination of customers wanting a slower lifestyle by pitching your products differently to inspire them in their quest for wellbeing?

Are there products and services that complement your existing offering that would help customers to feel fit and healthy?

If there’s more foot traffic on your street, how can you reach more of the people who are out and about?

Consider your business

Are you looking out for how your staff are coping with the lifestyle changes and will you know if team members working from home are OK?

How can you help your staff to find the boundary between working hard and having permission to switch off for family time?

Are you taking the time you need to ensure you are personally recharged and energised to focus on your business?


  • Update your advertising to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of your products.
  • Consider how to reach out to any increased crowds walking past your door.
  • Check in with your own team and ensure they are coping, particularly if they’re working remotely.
  • Share successful stress-relief techniques amongst your team so that everyone can improve their personal wellbeing.

Staying resilient in times of change

Running your own business takes a lot of focus and energy, both of which tend to get depleted during times of rapid change. In the wake of the pandemic, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed at the challenges your business might face. Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can follow to keep yourself in good shape during the recovery.

Prioritise sleep: Rest helps the body to recover from long workdays and sharpens your decision-making.

Keep moving: Exercise as regularly as possible to spark those positive endorphins, whether that’s a morning swim, lunchtime gym session or an evening run.

Try meditation: Learning some simple breathing and relaxation techniques can help restore a sense of calm and confidence.

Nurture relationships: Having supportive friends and family around you keeps things in perspective.

Calm your surroundings: Your work environment matters, so listen to your favourite music, and reduce clutter and noise to minimise unhelpful stimulation.

Get some fresh air: Being out in nature keeps you grounded, so try not to stay cooped up at work all day – even a short walk outside can help clear
the mind.

Say no sometimes: Forgive yourself for not doing the things you don’t have capacity for, and be prepared to limit your activities to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Talk it over: Ease the sense of burden by putting problems into words, and talk over any worries with someone who cares about you.

Reward yourself: Celebrate the good days and take a moment to acknowledge your progress.

Thriving into the future

The last year has been incredibly challenging for Australia’s small businesses. Across the country, we’ve witnessed the strength and capacity for reinvention that being a business owner not only fosters, but demands.

Now more than ever, resilience will be your key asset. As you adjust to changing day-to-day, it’s time to take all that you’ve learned so that you can work towards coming back stronger and smarter. This guide is designed to help you do exactly that.

Adapting and innovating

Throughout history, it’s often the most challenging times that spark innovation. We saw this in action during the global financial crisis, which fuelled the launch of Uber and Airbnb, pioneered file storage in the cloud through Dropbox, and saw the rise of WhatsApp.

Out of this tumultuous period came new tools that we now use every day, new business models the economy embraced, and new ways for customers to fulfil their needs. This crisis will be no different. You too can take hold of pockets of opportunity and find fresh ways to succeed. That means seizing the chance to test new products, explore new services, and reach new customers – in ways you hadn’t imagined until now.

Respecting the process

As you adapt to your surroundings, it’s okay to recognise that progress may not be smooth or perfect. It’s entirely normal for there to be phases of rapid recovery and plateaus – especially in light of changing restrictions. But by drawing on your own experience, you can uncover how to move forward despite the challenges.

We encourage you to be bold, creative, and above all, open to change. Of course, anticipate that there will be obstacles, but also welcome the chance to test imperfect ideas and experiment quickly. So dive deep, take what you need from this guide, and ask yourself, “What can I do so that my business thrives into the future?” The decision is yours.

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