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Brisbane goes platinum with new Xero Platinum Partner, Notch Above

The team at Notch Above Bookkeeping is delighted to announce that this month we have become a Xero Platinum Partner!

What does going Platinum mean?

For our clients, this means that we will simply continue to provide the same exceptional service and support we always have.

Being a Xero Platinum Partner is also recognition that we’re not a one-person bookkeeping firm – we have sophisticated systems and processes that allow us to support businesses by providing high-quality bookkeeping services across Eastern Australia.

Notch Above Bookkeeping was Brisbane’s first Certified Xero Gold Bookkeeping Partner. We exclusively use Xero as well as many Xero apps, add-ons and integrations. Becoming a Platinum Partner is something we’re really proud of. It’s recognition of our hard work and all that our incredible team has given to grow our business and help our clients.

Our primary goal was always to be a successful bookkeeping provider in Brisbane that offers a streamlined service to business owners and accountants. Off this strong foundation, we have expanded our business, now providing our services to businesses in New South Wales and Victoria.

This is a great stepping-stone as we continue to extend our capabilities beyond Brisbane.

Being a Platinum Partner also means a lot to our team.

When we first introduced Xero there was definitely a buzz about bookkeeping in ‘the cloud’. We still believe Xero is the right playbook as it frees up so much time for users, allowing business owners to concentrate on running their businesses.

“Going Platinum is a great recognition of our consistency in delivering a high-quality service to our clients. We’ve worked hard to achieve this goal, and the status shows our efforts have paid off,” said Founder & Head of Delivery Jac Gallagher.

Notch Above Bookkeeping can have your business up and running with Xero quickly and accurately. We can help you set up the software, configure your security settings, import your business data as well as streamline your invoicing, payroll and BAS reporting. We also provide advice on the best Xero package for your needs. Contact Notch Above Bookkeeping on 1300 015 130 to get Xero, the world’s easiest accounting system, set up and working for your business this financial year.

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STP reporting for small employers started 1 July

Small business clients need to be ready for STP by 30 September

Reporting through Single Touch Payroll (STP) for small employers started on 1 July.

Your small business has until 30 September 2019 to take action and there is a range of resources available to help:

  • Introductory guide for small employers – to help small employers understand the basics of STP, what your options are, as well as a decision tree.
  • Concessional reporting options – eligibility for these concessions depends on your circumstances. More information can be found at ato.gov.au/concessionalreporting.
  • Product lists – there are two product lists of STP-ready solutions:
    • a product register which provides a list of commercially available STP solutions at api.gov.au/productregister
    • a low and no cost register for micro employers (those with 1-4 employees) at ato.gov.au/stpsolutions; this list includes mobile apps, simple reporting solutions and portals.

There may be circumstances where a business won’t be able to report before 30 September. We can help apply for extra time for you to get ready. More information about STP deferrals can be found at ato.gov.au/stpdeferrals.

Notch Above can take care of all the bookkeeping tasks you would rather not do, like bank reconciliations, supplier payments, payroll processing, invoicing and debtor management and BAS returns. We set up systems and checklists to ensure nothing is missed and things are processed when it suits you. We can be involved as little or as much as you like, we give you the flexibility to decide what’s best for your business. Call us today on 1300 015 130.

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The human cost of late payments

Late payments affect business from financial and operational perspective

It’s an issue that’s close to our hearts and a conversation that matters.

But another conversation, one that’s often lost amid all the talk about lost revenues, invoice-chasing and the rest is the human cost of late payments. Because when businesses aren’t paid on time, it doesn’t just affect the bottom line – it affects people.

Xero teamed up with PayPal to find out more about how late payments affect, not just businesses but their owners too. 500 small and medium business (SMB) owners shared how they dealt with this ongoing issue.

Here are the key findings:

Impact on personal finances 

Businesses are comprised of people – and people need to be paid on time if they’re going to avoid stress and enjoy their work. It goes for entrepreneurs just as much as employees.

Overall, 35% of SMB owners claimed late payments meant an increased risk of debt – and 52% said they’d used their own money, or that of their friends and family, just to keep going.

Late payments can stop entrepreneurs from tending to relationships and their wellbeing. If you’re not getting paid on time, you might not be at your best.

So, it’s no surprise that 73% feel much more optimistic about their business when they have positive cash flow. The more reliable and regular your income, the better!

Impact on personal wellbeing 

Running a business is an act of love, but it can also place a strain on entrepreneurs – particularly if they don’t know when the money they’re owed is coming in. Late payments can affect:

  • Mental health. More than two-fifths of SMB owners claim that late payments have affected their mental health.
  • Sleep. 43% say they’ve been kept up worrying about their business’ cash flow.
  • Self-esteem. Some 45% of business owners feel they’ve failed their companies when they’re cash flow negative.
  • Outlook and optimism. Overall, 37% of entrepreneurs have considered giving up the ghost because of cash flow issues.

We don’t want small and medium business owners to give up. They’re essential to the economy – they make up 99.9% of registered businesses, after all.

Making late payments history

What if late payments were no longer an issue? What if every entrepreneur was paid on time and in full? The survey found it would make a real difference to finances, wellbeing, and overall attitude. When asked, business owners said:

  • It would make running the business feel ‘worth it’. Over three-quarters of entrepreneurs (76%) think being paid on time would make the work more rewarding.
  • They’d feel more optimistic about their businesses. 73% claim it would make them more hopeful about their prospects.
  • They’d enjoy better health. 26% say they’d have better physical fitness, and 21% say they’d spend more time on interests and hobbies.

Happier, healthier business owners

Small business owners have enough on their plates. Running a business is hard enough as it is, without losing sleep over a late invoice.

There are things entrepreneurs can do to minimise these issues and bring more positivity into the workplace. Automated accounting tools make managing invoices simple and straightforward.

But, beyond that, we’d encourage everyone across all links of a supply chain to pay their invoices promptly and without fuss. It’s not just the business that’s affected: it’s the people who work for it. Everyone benefits when everyone is paid on time. Let’s make late payments history.

Notch Above Bookkeeping are Xero Platinum bookkeepers and BAS Agents. Get in touch on 1300 015 130 to speak to one of our Xero certified advisors about how to get the most out of Xero for your business.

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