Security Advice from Xero

If you ever receive an unsolicited email that looks like it’s from a well known company asking you to verify personal details like your login, or to open or download a file, this may be what’s called a phishing scam.

These emails might look like they’re from your bank, a popular online service, or even Xero, but they’re not.

If you receive such an email be assured Xero has not been comprised in any way, and your data is still safe with us.

If you’re ever unsure if an email is from us, don’t click on any links. Just forward it to

Never give away your login or other personal details for any online service you belong to, no matter how legitimate the email looks. And never download a file or click on a link you’re unsure about.

If it smells fishy it probably is. So use common sense and don’t get hooked by a phishing scam.

For more information and useful security tips visit our security page at

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