Do you think you can spot a cyber threat?

Cyber security is more important than ever

Protecting your customers and your data from cybercriminals should be one of your top business priorities.

Ensure that you know how to identify and respond to cyber threats. Increasing your knowledge and awareness is the best way to protect your business.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an IT expert to step up your cybersecurity. Protect your business now with these five ways to increase your online account security:

1. Make 2 Factor-Authentication Mandatory

2 Factor-Authentication (2FA) helps prevent a hacker from getting into your account, even if they steal your password. To avoid common phishing techniques associated with text message codes, choose to apply 2-Factor Authentication.

Alongside the traditional password, 2FA-enabled users are required to enter a one-time security code that they receive via text which is the best way to authenticate the user.

You don’t have to make 2FA mandatory in your business, but we strongly recommend it as do most good cloud computing platforms.

2. Close shared login accounts

Shared logins mean multiple people in your business know a password and can make it harder to track any work or issues you may have.

3. Remove risky access to your data

Consider removing account access for any staff who are no longer with you.

4. Update your software

If your browser operating system or apps are out-of-date, the software might no longer be safe from hackers. Keep your software updated to help protect your account.

5. Use unique, strong passwords

It’s risky to use the same password on multiple sites. If your password for one site is hacked, it could be used to access your accounts on multiple sites. Instead, consider using a password manager.

If you’re ever unsure about a phone caller, SMS, voicemail or email claiming to be genuine but seems suss, do not reply. You can also follow the latest scams and advice on how to protect yourself on the ATO website or via Scamwatch.

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