A Look into Xero Invoicing Updates

Unlocking Enhanced Flexibility and Functionality

Xero has announced that they will be retiring the older version of their invoicing product ‘classic invoicing’ on 2 September 2024.

Xero teams are busy building a new invoicing product that is going to give users more flexibility and customisation in the future, with better checkout experiences and unlimited payment methods.

Building new features you love

There are so many great ideas about what invoicing features we’d like to see in Xero. Unfortunately, they can’t be rolled out in classic invoicing because of the limitations faced with the older technology (think of it like trying to plug an electric charger into a classic car).

The new invoicing solution is a flexible and scalable solution that’s built on the latest technology, so Xero can build the features you need now and in the future.  Some of the features being worked on at the moment include:

  • adding multiple delivery addresses on an invoice
  • requesting partial payments and deposits via invoicing
  • more customisation of invoicing templates and on repeating invoices
  • improved control and smarter scheduling of reminders
  • easier statement creation and statement payment capability.

The changes made so far (and what’s next)

In addition to this list of features exclusive to new invoicing, there are a number of features from classic invoicing that Xero is planning to bring across to the new version, many of which will be available before September.

So far, they have already introduced the following improvements to new invoicing:

  • Copy information from invoices to quotes
  • Option to ‘Create another invoice’ once an invoice is approved
  • Add ‘Reference’ when adding a payment without an extra click
  • Option to ‘Send receipt’ after a payment is added to an invoice
  • Quickly create and save a contact on the fly without extra clicks
  • View item code on the ‘View invoice’ page
  • Paste numbers with commas or dollar signs into line items
  • Delete line items in just one click.

Many of these changes are in response to feedback about the design and usability of new invoicing, and development teams are working hard to make sure these will improve processes and workflows.

There is plenty of time to keep exploring new invoicing, as new functionality is rolled out. Remember, you can keep switching between the two versions until classic invoicing is retired on 2 September 2024.


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