4 Ways to Improve Small-Business Cash Flow

A lot of small-businesses focus on profit, but cash flow is just as important. In fact, businesses can go broke because cash hasn’t come in fast enough, even through overall they’re making a profit. Small-business software provider Xero shares four tips on improving cash flow:


You need to do a cash flow forecast to get a clear picture of your cash position in the coming weeks and months.

This can be complicated; you might want to get some help from your bookkeeper and accounting software to look at past financial data, which can be used to help you forecast.


Look closer at your payments to calculate average debtor-days – how long on average does it takes for customers to pay you? You should try to keep your average debtor days close to or below your payment terms, because the sooner the money comes in, the quicker you can start using it in your business.

If it’s taking too long to get paid, you might want to adjust your payment terms; for instance, by bringing them in to 14 days from 30 days.


You can give customers an incentive to pay faster by giving them a small discount – say, five percent – for paying on time. Depending on your business, having the cash available sooner to buy stock or pay wages could be worth more than the small amount of foregone revenue.


The longer you leave an overdue account the less likely it is you’ll get paid, so start chasing accounts the moment they become due. Send a polite email reminder, then follow up with a phone call. If you feel awkward ringing customers for money, get someone else to help. Some accounting software sends out automated invoice reminders and tracking collections, which saves time and boosts cash flow.


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