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Director identification numbers

Preparing for director IDs

If you want to become a director or are already one, you’ll need a director ID.

Director identification numbers (director ID) are a new requirement for all company directors, designed to help combat illegal activity by making it easier to trace directors’ relationships with companies.

Company directors have been given 12 months to apply for an ID.

A director ID is a unique identifier you need to apply for once and will keep forever. It will help prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities.

Australian company directors have one year to apply for their unique director identification number before fines of over $1.1 million are issued for non-compliance.

All directors of a company, registered Australian body, registered foreign company or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation will need a director ID.

How to apply for your director ID

Directors can apply for a director ID from November 2021 on the new Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS), a single platform administered by the Commissioner of Taxation that brings together ASIC’s 31 business registers and the Australian Business Register.

The fastest way to get a director ID is to apply online. It’s free to apply and you only need to apply once. Directors must apply for a director ID themselves and will be required to produce myGovID along with two identity documents from a list, including their bank account details, super account details, ATO notice of assessment, dividend statement, Centrelink payment summary and PAYG payment summary.

While existing directors will have a year to apply for their director ID, new directors appointed between 1 November 2021 and 4 April 2022 will have just 28 days after appointment to apply for their director ID.

New directors who are appointed from 5 April 2022 will be required to apply for their director ID before appointment.

The director ID will be attached to a director permanently, even if you cease to be a director, change your name, or move interstate or overseas.

Once you have obtained your director ID, there are important steps you can take to help you use, view and update your details.

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