3 Easy steps To The First Holiday Dad Has Had In Years.

Does the prospect of going away on holiday away from your business fill you with dread?

Are you exhausted and teetering on the brink of burn out?

Are you feeling like you can’t take a break away as you are the only one who can do the key tasks in your business?

Give yourself a present this Father’s Day! By following these three simple steps you’ll be packing your bags in no time.


1. Identify your core business processes which are repeatable on many jobs.

If you can review what you do for customers, you will most likely find that there are core processes you perform over and over again in each job. Identify what these are so that you have a finite list of service offerings for your clients.


2. Break your business processes down into step by step tasks.

Next time you are doing a job in your business take some extra time and write down the step by step tasks associated with that job. The desired outcome here is a check list which can be followed and ticked off as each task is completed. The aim of this is to get the knowledge out of your head and documented, making it possible for another team member to do the job.


3. Collect knowledge using cloud base applications.

Capture the process of completing these key tasks via screen capture software such as Snag It. Set up a knowledge manage system and store videos for your team to refer to when they need to complete each task. Over time you will build a library of knowledge that team members can access at any given time.

By putting these three steps into place you truly can pack that suitcase. Start planning for your holiday now. If you would like further information on this download our e-book.

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