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Top Xero time saving tips

Top Xero timesavers to help you run your business more efficiently

If you are short on time, take a peek at a few Xero time-saving tips.

Work smarter, not harder

Global search

Global search is available to all Xero users from most screens in Xero. Use it as a shortcut to open other screens, or to ‘add new’ transactions.

Open global search from the magnifying glass in the navigation menu, or press forward slash (/) on your keyboard, and search for the screen you need.

Another option is to use shortcut keys when searching. You can see a list of these on-screen now. In most cases, the shortcut keys are the first initial of the screen name, such as ‘B’ for Bills or ‘R’ for Reports.

Bank feeds

Arguably the best time-saving feature in Xero, and one of the favourites amongst many of our users, bank feeds! Xero connects with thousands of banks across the globe to securely import bank statement lines into your Xero organisation on a daily basis.

If you’re using online banking already then connecting a bank feed is a no brainer. If you’re yet to add your bank account in Xero, you’ll be prompted to connect a feed when setting up. If your bank account is already set up, you can click ‘Get bank feeds’ at any time to connect a feed.

Once connected, your bank statement lines will automatically appear in Xero, ready to reconcile. This saves you from manually entering statement lines, making bank reconciliation much easier.

User roles

One saying we love is “work smarter, not harder”, and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to Xero user roles. Why should you do all the work when you have staff that can help?

Security is an important part of all businesses and it’s key when more and more businesses are running online. That’s why it’s so important to give your staff the correct level of access.

There are different user levels with great customisation in Xero, which means you can invite your staff AND accountant into your organisation. Not only does this come with your subscription, but it also means that staff can take on some of the workload. This frees you up to concentrate on some of the more important areas of the business – or maybe give you time back to spend with family.

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