Here at Notch Above we believe in making a difference. We want this difference to go beyond the lives of our clients and so our footprint extends across the globe as we support families in need. The nature of our support is “education” and it’s our way of assisting children in unprivileged positions. You know the saying… “give a man a fish feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We feel by providing education these children are offered greater opportunities for self-sufficiency into the future. We are proud of this support, it adds meaning and purpose to our work and this wouldn’t happen without our clients, by working with Notch Above, our clients support us to support others.

So please allow us to introduce the children and families you help us support.

In the Philippines we sponsor 6 year old Roseanne. Our sponsorship covers her school fees, uniforms, books, lunches and medicines. This support extends to her immediate family for food and clothing.

Roseanne is one of seven children, living in Estancia, a municipality in the Philippines province of Iloilo. Both Roseanne’s parents work, her father labours in the local fishmarket and her mother provides domestic support to other families.

Our support to Roseanne is facilitated by Melinda (Mel) Irvine and her humanitarian aid work in the Philippines. You can learn more about Mel’s work in helping children displaced by Typhoon Yolanda.

South-west from the Philippines to Ubud, Bali where we introduce you to Wayan Yoga Adi Pranata.
Yoga is an active 10 year old and his hobby is football. He lives with his parents, however their income isn’t enough to cover costs of the schooling necessary for Wayan to fulfill his dream of becoming a Police Officer.

We have committed to supporting Wayan’s education, all the way through to his final year at high school. We communicate with Wayan every month via email, and should we travel to Bali would have the opportunity of visiting.

Our support is facilitated through Wayan’s school WINS Foundation Yayasan Widya Guna, educating handicapped and unprivileged children. The school welcomes volunteers to assist with teaching the children.

In September 2015, Jac’s family was fortunate to have visited a school situated just outside Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. We offered gifts of toys, books and clothes and our children spent time with the children.

Schooling is not a government provided service in Zimbabwe, so to obtain an education, parents must pay the teachers a monthly fee. Our support of three children, is to cover the costs of these fees. Our support in Zimbabwe is facilitated by a local lady who distributes our donated funds each term.

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